Our goal is to help you and your business flourish, by creating environments where you’ll love coming to work.

Will and Jamie

Our Story

Will and Jamie are two best friends who love people and love business.

In 2013 they wanted to work in the same space to spur each other on and have more fun. So, with 6 desks, 1 black & white printer and many DIY Saturdays, the The Refinery's first space was born.

Our Values

Better Together - The DNA of everything we do is about collaboration and cheering on another on; because we can do nothing on our own. We firmly believe we’re better together.

True Grit - Hard work always invites good. If you can stay in the game you’ll find a way through.

Daring Greatly - We believe in taking risks and supporting those who think independently. We love it when people take on the biggest challenges.

Come as you are - Be yourself and you’ll produce your best work, and be your most creative. The best businesses are built by thriving entrepreneurs who freely express themselves and enjoy their work.

What we are up to